Here, Now and After

2023 Venice IT

The work ‘Here, now and after’ was made for the first exhibition of Tracé Bleu in the space of Ca’asi during the 18th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. The work was commissioned by the French architect collective ‘Architecturestudio’ and curated by the CENTQUATRE-Paris. In Tracé Bleu Architecturestudio presents its new vision on architecture for the coming years. One of the topics is re-use of materials, which I implied into the project by questioning the conflicting idea of how to make a site-specific artwork that can be re-used later in a different spatial context. 

The artwork has the shape of an L-formed wall that runs through the main spaces and connects the two floors of the Ca’asi. In order to re-use the work in a later situation, the wall is made of blocks of different sizes and shapes. In an impossible attempt to fit the work in the irregular space of the old Venetian house, small blocks were made to fill the gaps between the modular blue wall and the existing architecture. The entire collection of these blocks will go to every new exhibition of Tracé Bleu and have to responds to the new site in an obviously total different form.