Krijn de Koning

Krijn de Koning (Amsterdam 1963) followed art education at the Rietveld Academy (NL), The Ateliers (NL) and the ‘Institut Des Hautes Etudes En Art Plastique’ (FR).

Since the 1990’s he has been creating site-specific sculptures and installations for exhibitions, museums, galleries and public places.

He constructs his work from floors, walls, rooms and corridors, sometimes in vividly colors, sometimes in natural colors or just in the color of the space itself. Simple architectural forms and color are his tools to achieve large changes in the given places that he is invited to make a work for.

In many of his projects the idea of ‘usage’ is incorporated, you can enter the works, sit or hang out in them.

His interventions raise questions about how architecture is conditional in our experience of reality and how a transformation of a place can generate different meaning.

De Koning transforms an existing situation, sometimes literally breaks it down, in order to reveal a different reality. His works are strong sculptural, architectural and physical events that impacts on how you feel and experience a place.

Large projects have been accomplished for the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam (NL), 2010, the Musée de Beaux Arts de Nantes (FR) 2011, the Edinburgh Art Festival (UK), 2013, CCStrombeek (B), 2016 and ‘Life’, Saint-Nazaire (FR), 2019

Large public works have been created in the city of Utrecht (NL) 2013, Hasselt (B) 2014,  Rennes (FR) 2018, Amsterdam (NL) 2022 and Nantes (FR) 2022.


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