2023 Breda NL

Work for project ‘Speel’ (Play). Five colored rooms placed on a scaffolding overlooking a maze. Memorizing the site of the former 17th century leisure castle/mansion of the House of Orange. Organized by Crossarts, curated and produced by Mothership Rotterdam. In the project there are multiple artworks and activities taking place. In the blue room I made a colored landscape with a lot of blocks that can be modified by the public. The red room is a look out of where you can see back at the maze in which lays a drawing of a sixth block. In the orange room you can listen to podcasts with stories on the history of the House of Orange. Tom Heerschop made a drawing project for the windows of the yellow room on which I intervened with compositions of transparant squares.

Photo’s: Edwin Wiekens & Krijn de Koning